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If this is your first pair of Avarca sandals, you might find them too stiff or too loose. This post will help you identify if your Avarcas are the right fit.

Avarcas 101 are crafted with natural leather. Our shoes will stretch a bit and conform to your feet after breaking them in, becoming very comfortable. 

Each foot is different, however, a general rule of thumb is to see if the toes remain within the insole's white stitching. Some toes might be longer than the average. In that case, it is normal if they go over it.


While breaking them in, if the back-strap feels too tight, we recommend you to wear them with socks around the home for a day or two, forcing the leather to soften faster. After a couple of days, the leather will soften, feeling much more comfortable.

Access our women's sizing chart, or request a free exchange if you need a smaller or bigger size.