Is this your first pair of Avarcas? If that is your case, you want to read this post.
Avarcas 101 are crafted with premium Spanish leather that will mold to your foot shape, becoming extremely comfortable.
To jumpstart the break-in process, wear your pair indoors for 2-hour increments over a few days and use socks if you need to, this will force the leather to start stretching, making the process painless. 99% of our customers fall in love with our avarcas after breaking them in.
If you are unsure you ordered the right size, here is a quick tip: If your toes do not go over the edge but they feel tight or a bit stiff is because the leather still needs to soften and conform to your feet. Find detailed sizing information here.
Our shoes are entirely made by hand, this careful process ensures a longer lifespan, a smoother look, and a higher quality feel, making the break-in process totally worth it.
If you have any comments or questions send us an email to info@avarcas101.com, we'll be happy to hear from you