As a student, our founder Ricard moved to California.

     "I’ve been wearing avarcas since I was a kid, and growing up I tried all kinds of shoes. Avarcas are the most comfortable and versatile, but what made me fall in love with this shoe is the story behind them."

The first avarca sandals were crafted by farmers in the 19th century on a Spanish island called Menorca. For over a century, families of artisans have dedicated their lives to crafting avarcas. The elders pass down their techniques from generation to generation, read the full article.

Such a special tradition had to be shared with the rest of the world, but to make exceptional sandals, serious craftsmanship is needed at every step of the process, this is why we linked with Naturals, a true family business with more than 100 years of experience crafting leather shoes. This small-batch factory is operated by the third-generation of self-made artisans who are motivated by transparency and ethical manufacturing methods.

We worked together through many rounds of fit samples and design adjustments to offer the best avarca sandals in the market. Each pair of 101s is made in collaboration with a non-profit to provide handicapped people with stable employment, read more.

The name “Avarcas 101” is a reference to the popular interstate highway 101 that runs along the California Coast and approximates the old trail which linked the Spanish pueblos and missions centuries ago. Today, once again, it helps us bring you a piece of the Spanish culture.